Diamond Height’s UPS driver Mike Lefiti was murdered in Wednesday’s shooting

from The Chronicle:


Slain UPS driver Mike Lefiti ‘was always there for you’

Updated 10:11 pm, Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mike Lefiti was a longtime UPS driver who took pride in his work and was widely respected by his colleagues and adored by his large family, friends and relatives said Wednesday.

The 46-year-old Hercules resident was one of three people killed when a shooter opened fire in the UPS distribution center on Potrero Hill in San Francisco at 8:55 a.m., relatives said. The gunman shot and killed himself when confronted by police.

At least two other people were injured in the shooting. Their conditions were not known as of Wednesday evening, and other than Lefiti, none of the victims had been identified.

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The Real Housewives of GP: Thesis on Neighborhood Activism Wins Award

Read about the GPA’s very own Zoanne Nordstrom and the other neighborhood women who saved Glen Canyon from becoming a freeway in the 1970s!

U.C. Berkeley scholar Justin Germain has won the 2017 Charlene Conrad Liebau Library Prize for Undergraduate Research (upper division) for his research paper titled “Housewives Save the City from the ‘Cement Octopus’! Women’s Activism in the San Francisco Freeway Revolts, 1955 – 1967”

The Glen Park library has a copy of the thesis, you can ask for it at the desk. You can also print it from the link above.

See all winners here.



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City Agency Hearings

SFMTA Engineering hearing on Friday, June 16, 10 a.m., City Hall, Room 416  (See full agenda here).

  • 9. ESTABLISH – STOP SIGN Miguel Street, northbound, at Beacon Street, stopping the stem of the “T” of the intersection
  • 30th Street at San Jose Avenue – Bike Share Station ESTABLISH – NO PARKING EXCEPT BICYCLES ESTABLISH – BIKE SHARE STATION 30th Street, north side, from San Jose Avenue to 66 feet easterly (20-foot red zone, 43-foot bike share station in approximately two unmetered parking spaces, and 3-foot additional red zone buffer)

Planning Department

20. 2016-000017DRP
(E. SAMONSKY: (415) 575-9112)
43 EVERSON STREET – south side approximately 150 feet east of the intersection with Beacon Street, Lot 024 in Assessor’s Block 7542, (District 8) – Request for Discretionary Review of Building Permit Application No. 2016.01.27.8097 proposing construction of a three-story horizontal rear addition and remodel the front facade and interior of a single family dwelling within a RH-1 (Residential House, One-Family) Zoning District and 40-X Height and Bulk District. This action constitutes the Approval Action for the project for the purposes of CEQA, pursuant to San Francisco Administrative Code Section 31.04(h).

Staff Analysis: Abbreviated Discretionary Review Preliminary Recommendation: Do Not Take Discretionary Review and Approve (Continued from Regular Meeting of May 18, 2017) NOTE: On April 6, 2017, after hearing and closing public comment, the item was continued to May 18, 2017 by a vote of +6 -1 (Johnson against).
On May 18, 2017, without hearing, Continued to June 1, 2017 by a vote of +6 -0 (Johnson absent).
SPEAKERS: Ryan Peterson – Request for continuance ACTION: Without a hearing; Continued to June 15, 2017
AYES: Hillis, Richards, Johnson, Koppel, Melgar, Moore

  • Also, I got a postcard telling me there will be a hearing on June 21, 5 p.m., City Hall, Room 416, on the appeal of a variance applied for for the property at 240 Chenery Street. (Right now the lot has an old farmhouse toward the back. The developer wants to expand the farmhouse and put another property on the front of the lot.)


SF Board of Supervisors, Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee, meeting on Monday, June 12, 10:30 a.m., City Hall, Room 263 (See full agenda here).

  • Ordinance amending the Public Works Code to modify the exceptions to the Surface-Mounted Facility Site Permit requirement; to allow a permittee to choose to pay an “in-lieu” fee instead of installing a street tree; to allow a permittee to choose to pay an “in-lieu” fee instead of permitting the installation of a mural on its Surface-Mounted Facility; to repeal the requirements that a permittee install landscaping or pay an “in-lieu” fee and maintain the required landscaping; to repeal the requirement that an applicant for a Surface-Mounted Facility Site Permit make reasonable efforts to locate the facility on private property before submitting an application; and to amend the requirement that a permittee maintain any required street tree.


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