History of the Glen Park Association Grant Program:

At the Glen Park Association’s holiday party on Saturday, December 14, 2013, GPA President Michael Rice announced the Association’s grant funding program.

The GPA is in a healthy financial condition, mainly because we are able to supplement our annual membership dues with income earned from advertising in the Glen Park News, past fund-raising, and management of expenses.

We have made donations in the community in the past, on a case-by-case basis, such as to the Glen Park Library; to Glen Park, Sunnyside, and Fairmont Schools PTAs; and to the Glen Park Recreation Center for play equipment. GPA also made special donations in 2011 to the families of the firefighters who lost their lives in the Berkeley Way fire.

The board decided we needed to improve and encourage the solicitation and award of donations. This fall, we spent several months reviewing GPA’s financial status, year-to-year budgets, account balances, and the process for a formal grant program. The board then adopted several decisions.

• To allocate $12,000 of the GPA reserves for a multi-year grant program;
• To develop grant funding guidelines;
• To ensure that grants make a contribution to the Glen Park community;
• To create a simple and straightforward application and review process.

The attached Grant Funding Guidelines present details such as the goal of the grants; the potential amounts; calendar year limits; and the application process.

We look forward to spreading the news of this program in Glen Park, and working with potential applicants to benefit the neighborhood.

Board of Directors

Michael Rice, President
Carolyn Deacy, Vice President
Dennis Mullen, Treasurer
Mic Ames, Corresponding Secretary
Sally Ross, Membership Secretary
Janice Levy, Recording Secretary
Tiffany Farr, Program,
Nicholas Dewar, Zoning and Planning
Lewison Lem, Transportation
Rachel Gordon, Publication
John Walmsley, Environment
Bruce Bonacker, Housing


2 responses to “Grants

  1. Mic

    We finally have a page to promote our grants program. Excellent!

  2. Elizabeth Weise

    I removed it from the blog, probably hasn’t gone through yet. I copied and sent to the GPA president. >

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