Earth Day on Arlington — Whack-a-Weed!

Join your neighbors and whack some weeds this Earth Day (Saturday, April 21) from 9 a.m. to noon on the Glen Park side of the Bernal Cut. Meet at 9 a.m. at Roanoke and Arlington or find us in the weeds until noon!

What the Mayor’s Fix-It Team will bring: gloves, clippers, trash pickers, trash bags, compost bags, water and snacks.

What you should bring: comfy shoes, grubby clothes, a generous hat, and a willingness to improve your neighborhood.

What will D8 Supervisor Jeff Sheehy bring? His birthday boy self, that’s what. (We know that Sheehy’s deepest birthday desires involve uprooting fennel. Please help him realize his “licorice-whip” dream!)

Register at so the city knows how many gloves and granola bars to bring.



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2 responses to “Earth Day on Arlington — Whack-a-Weed!

  1. Carole Deitrich

    the registration url for earth day does not work >

  2. Heather World

    It works for me. When I click it, it converts to a longer URL, which is this:

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