Final Deadline: March 14 for Tree Requests!


We are EXTENDING the deadline for ONE MORE WEEK. This is the week to get those final requests in for our upcoming planting. Consider filling out the forms with your neighbors – look over a cellphone or fill out the paper form over a nice neighborly conversation!

The Tree Request Deadline for your neighbors to request a new tree is next week, Wednesday, March 14th. We are excited to plant more FREE TREES with Glen Park neighbors! Can you knock on your neighbors door this weekend to let them know about getting a tree?

  • The City is responsible for large tree maintenance (
  • Water bags are provided
  • You can choose your tree
  • Trees and concrete removal are FREE
  • FUF completes a site inspection before planting
  • EXISTING BASINS are required planting locations
Tree Request Deadline: March 14th || Community Planting Date: April 21st

Here’s what you can do: 

1. Forward this email to a neighborhood list or club you may know
2. Share information about the deadline on
3. Talk to your neighbors by leaving a note or knocking on their door
Open the link below:
Thank you! Please contact me if you have any questions or comments!

Esmeralda Martinez
SWL Outreach Manager
(415) 525 – 8381

 Our mailing address is:

Friends of the Urban Forest

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