Glen Park Greenway Work Days Scheduled!

Stephany Wilkes, workday coordinator for the Glen Park Greenway project, and vice president of the Glen Park Association, has organized two workdays in March.  Details below:

Greenway work days will happen on March 10 and May 12, rain or shine. Please attend and spread the word. We can always use more hands!

Saturday, March 10 from 9 AM-12 PM
Meet at the Chilton cul de sac.
Coffee will be served.
We’ll have gloves and other necessary tools.
We will weed and water the areas around the newly planted trees and acorns (some of which have sprouted, you can see – don’t worry, that little one is back in the ground now). We’d also like to cut the fennel before it goes to seed, a good practice for getting it under control.
Save the Date: Saturday, May 12
9 AM-12 PM
Yes, this is Mother’s Day weekend, but weeding, watering and fennel stopping are a nice alternative to brunch, right? If mom brings a mimosa in a sippy mug, we won’t breathe a word.

For some background information on the Greenway, go to:


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