New Stop Signs Coming to Diamond Heights Blvd.

Forwarded from Betsy Eddy of the Diamond Heights Community Association

Please use caution while driving and walking on Diamond Heights Blvd. this week since new STOP signs will be installed on one day between Jan. 30 and Feb. 2. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) was not able to let us know which day.
Message from James Shahamiri, Traffic Engineer MTA: “SFMTA crews will be out this week installing the STOP signs on Diamond Heights Blvd. and Diamond Street and associated traffic striping and crosswalks.”
Two new STOP signs will be installed on Diamond Heights Blvd. at the intersection where Diamond Street comes up the hill from Noe Valley making an All Way Stop. Please see the photo of the intersection below taken before work was started on the Blvd.
The DHCA requested the two STOP signs in a letter to Ed Reiskin, MTA Director of Transportation, in April 2017 so that the intersection would be safer for pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists and to make left turns easier. The DHCA thanks MTA for approving the STOP signs and Supervisor Jeff Sheehy for his advocacy to support the installation of the STOP signs.
 DH Blvd at northen Diamond Street


Safe travels,
Betsy for the DHCA

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