Glen Canyon Coyotes In Sausalito

If you’ve spent much time in Glen Canyon, then you’ve probably come across our local resident expert on coyotes Janet Kessler, toting her camera. Now is your chance to see what she’s shot:
Coyotes are social and, except for some transients, live in families. The 28 large zoomed-in snapshots in this exhibit show some of their less-seen behaviors and interactions, as well as their individuality: each coyote looks different, and the differences reach deeper than their fur. Short howling and hunting video clips are included. An explanation of a few relevant survival behaviors and some simple guidelines help round out “the picture” of these neighbors who are becoming a more visible part of the urban landscape.
Janet Kessler a.k.a, “the Coyote Lady” in San Francisco, has been called a, “pioneer in the photo-documentation of the lives of urban coyotes, capturing their intimate lives”. She is a self-taught naturalist and urban coyote specialist who, daily over the past 11 years, has been documenting coyote family life, their behavior towards people and pets — and our pets’ behavior towards them — and getting information and easy coexistence guidelines out to everyone. Google her “Coyotes As Neighbors” video, and visit: 
Dates: January 28 to March 10, 2018
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-9pm daily
Friday-Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday noon-5pm
Place: Sausalito Public Library, located in the City Hall building at 420 Litho Street in Sausalito Enter parking lot from Bee Street (off Caledonia Street). From San Francisco, take a ferry ride over!
Janet will be in and out. If you have questions, just seek her out, or contact her through her blog,


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2 responses to “Glen Canyon Coyotes In Sausalito

  1. Gabrielle Lacau

    She is no expert!! I’ve seen her many times chasing these poor animals all over the hillside. She has no right to any show. No education what so ever. She thinks the coyotes were here first. They were introduced to California in the 80’STOP THE SHOW!!

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  2. Sheigla Murphy

    Janet Kessler has been called out as an unreliable source of information about urban coyotes. Please contact Randall Junior Museum about her attempts to promulgate false information. Coyotes are not indigenous to California

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