City Agency Hearings + Sheehy Legislation

  • The SF Historic Preservation Commission’s Cultural Heritage Assets Committee meets Wednesday, December 20 at noon in City Hall, room 400. See full agenda here.

The December hearing will include an Informational Presentation from the San Francisco Planning Department regarding the purpose and functions of cultural heritage districts. This discussion is intended to prepare the committee and public to review draft legislation that would establish a cultural heritage district program at the January 17, 2018 hearing. Public participation in the hearing is encouraged.

  • The SF Historic Preservation Commission meets Wednesday, December 20 in 12:30 in City Hall, room 400. See full agenda here.

7. 2017-011910DES                                                                             (D. SMITH: (415) 575-9093)
DIAMOND HEIGHTS SAFETY WALL – south side of Diamond Heights Boulevard at Clipper Street, Assessor’s Block 7504, Lot 011 (District 8). Consideration to Recommend to the Board of Supervisors Landmark Designation of the Diamond Heights Safety Wall as an individual Article 10 Landmark pursuant to Section 1004.1 of the Planning Code. Constructed in 1968, the Diamond Heights Safety Wall is the notable work of Bay Area artist and architect, Stefan Alexander Novak, is an important visual landmark for the Diamond Heights neighborhood, and is significantly associated with the Diamond Heights Redevelopment Project, which dramatically reshaped the area into a neighborhood characterized by postwar Modernist master planning and Bay Area regional Modernist design. The property was nominated for Landmark Designation through a community-sponsored Landmark Application, submitted to the Department on May 1, 2017. It is located in a Residential-House, Two-Family (RH-2) zoning district and 40-X Height and Bulk district.
Preliminary Recommendation: Approve

  • The Recreation and Parks Commission meets Thursday, December 21 at 10 a.m. in City Hall, room 416.

I’m told agendas are published 72 hours before the meetings. You can be put on the email list to receive agendas, but 1) I’ve never received one in my email despite being on the list and 2) I’ve been on the site 72 hours before other RecPark commission meetings and not seen agendas. Here is the link to the site where agendas should be published.

  • The SF Planning Commission meets Thursday, December 21 at 1 p.m. in City Hall, room 400. See supporting documents here. Presumably agenda will be available soon.

Supporting documents include a presentation on the 2016 SF Housing Inventory, which seemed noteworthy.



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