City Agency Hearings + Sheehy Legislation

  • The SFMTA will hold a “Private Vehicle Transit Route Duplication” public meeting Tuesday, December 12, 6 p.m., at 1 South Van Ness, 2nd floor atrium. See information here.

Nothing specific to GP but interesting nonetheless


  • The Planning Commission meets Thursday, December 14, 1 p.m., in City Hall, room 400. See supporting documents here. (Full agenda not available at press time.)

Discretionary Review Full Analysis hearing for 531 30th Street. Supporting document here.


  • The Board of Supervisors’ Rules Committee meets Monday, December 11, 1:30 p.m., in City Hall, room 263. See full agenda here.

171252 [Administrative Code – Establishing an Office of Tenant Assistance] Sponsors: Sheehy; Breed
Ordinance amending the Administrative Code to establish an Office of Tenant Assistance to provide full scope legal representation to San Francisco tenants in certain eviction proceedings; and to require notice regarding the Office of Tenant Assistance to tenants being evicted from rental units covered by the Rent Ordinance. (Fiscal Impact; no Budget and Legislative Analyst Report)
11/28/17; ASSIGNED UNDER 30 DAY RULE to the Rules Committee.


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