Fix-It Team Update for GP

Forwarded from Sandra Zuniga, Fix-It Team Director:

Hello Glen Park Neighbors!

 Thank you for providing input on what should be fixed in your neighborhood, based on you feedback and work we are able to accomplish, we created the below action plan for your review, please let us know if we forgot anything.  Also, in addition to getting the BART area planters replanted, we will assign one additional staff person to the Glen Park area to help remove debris from the planters, remove graffiti and report plant conditions going forward.  We will provide an update as soon as the new person is available. 

Subject:  Fix-It Glen Park email:
Agencies: DPW, MTA, SFPD, PUC, RPD, BART, Glen Park Association




Public Works
Concern Status
Street cleaning route is inefficient (O’Shaughnessy to Congo) Fix-It contacted Public Works, who verified that O’Shaughnessy from Del Vale to Congo has been regularly serviced by the night crew. However, the protected bike path at the bottom of O’Shaughnessy has proved to be difficult to maintain; Public Works is expecting two new Johnston bicycle sweepers soon that will assist with this work.

This area of Glen Park is serviced every other Friday, and due to upcoming Friday holidays (Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving) will not be swept again until 12/8/17.

Street cleaning doesn’t get pine needles (Downhill corner of Malta + O’Shaughnessy) Request sent to Public Works regarding this concern on 10/10; Public Works informed Fix It that they would address it.  As of 10/19 walk, this has been addressed.
Graffiti + Vandalism (Chenery and Surrey) Report any graffiti to 311 for abatement/response

·         Trees are hazardous (Elk @ Bosworth (on the slope)

·         Tree + Damaged sidewalk (67 Lippard Ave., Lippard between Bosworth and Chenery)

·         Trees are not managed or healthy (Bosworth and O’Shaughnessy)

·         Overgrown trees (Chenery and Surrey)

*need to check with Urban Forestry and RPD

*Lippard concern being handled by Street Use and Mapping

*Contractor to remove posted trees from Glen Park Greenway by December 1st.

Additional Tree Notes – Post Urban Forestry Inspection:

500 X Bosworth: 1-280 S on Ramp-Diamond St: Eucalyptus-MedIan: Cutout Tree:Tree ID 29370/Tree NO: 10: Prune Tree for Clearance.

1119 Bosworth-Carrie-Diamond St: Emerald Arborvitae: Sidewalk,Curbside: Tree ID: Tree No.1: Remove & pave basin-narrow sidewalk prevents replanting.

691 Chenery: Carrie-Diamond St:Ficus:Sidewalk,Curb side: Tree ID 224880:tREE no: 1: Permit # 779045 to remove tree-sent property owner letter stating they need to follow through on removal.

2885 Diamond-Kern-Bosworth St: Lemon Bottlebrush: Front Yard: Sidewalk, Curbside: Tree ID.5138:Tree No. 1:Backfill basin.

1300 San Jose-Randall-San Jose Off Ramp: Eucalyptus:Front Yard: Tree ID: 224453: Tree No. 58: Prune trees for clearance on median between San Jose & Arlington St.

Pine needles + vegetation on sidewalk that’s public property North Side of Bosworth (between Elk + Diamond) Will schedule a special clean up of the sidewalks in the area with community.
Blind turn + Overgrown vegetation -impacts crosswalk (Malta and O’Shaughnessy) Fix-it drove this area and was unable to validate this concern, either the vegetation has been cut back or we are looking in the incorrect location.  Please take a photo and either report it to 311 or send it back to the Fix-It Team.
Trash + Litter issues (Arlington + San Jose) We saw quite a few dead trees and trees that needed to be trimmed around Arlington and San Jose, we also noticed the walking path needs to be cleared of debris, we will work to schedule that work from Public Works, we are waiting for a response from Public Works.
Dumping + Litter (Southside of Bosworth) We did not see this when we went out there
Caltrans and Public works areas overgrown under San Jose Avenue Area is currently being reviewed by Public Works landscaping team, we are waiting for a response.
SIster Shirley at St. John’s requested clean up behind her school, overgrown weeds and fennel Some work has started, crews will continue cleaning Saturday, Sunday and Monday 10/28, 10/29, 10/30 (before and after photo below)
Concern Status
Lost commuters/too much traffic ; could impact new greenway, signage needed

·         North on Elk -> Paradise (dead end)

·         Burnside

·         Other signage needed on Chenery

Feedback directly from SFMTA:  On the list that we got from Glen Park, there were a couple of items that were unclear.  Need to know direction and time of day (Fix-It will fill in what we can and contact residents for info).
Traffic light not long enough (Elk st./ Bosworth st. <-> Paradise)

Also, the pedestrian crosswalk light is very slow on Bosworth crossing Elk.

Need clarification from community
Traffic on Bosworth; left turn issue (back-up on Bosworth, down hill traffic) (Bosworth – left @ Diamond) SFMTA has worked on this before, will request additional review.
Traffic back up (Lippard st.) I can guess the Lippard congestion is at Bosworth, where we have talked about doing a new signal, but need clarification.
Need “Pedestrian ahead” caution signal for speeding cars (Elk and Chenery) The pedestrian ahead request at Elk/Chenery is not something we would do because we already have an all-way STOP with a marked crosswalk.  Vehicles should be stopping at Chenery, and if they aren’t could be an enforcement problem.
Need stop sign

·         Chenery and Burnside

·         Chenery and Lippard

The two stop sign requests are clear enough as a discrete item but we don’t know what people feel the problem is.  (SFMTA would like more information on the problem)
Need speed bumps (Chenery and Elk) The speed bump request at the same location is difficult as well due to a steep hill on both sides of the street.
Enforce  parking restrictions as spaces are limited (Chenery and Surrey, and etc.) Please contact Residential Permit Parking enforcement at 415-553-1200
Dogs on MUNI Per MUNI:

·         One pet per Muni vehicle is allowed, only during off-peak hours, and must pay full fare

·         Trained service animals are allowed to ride free of charge on all Muni vehicles at any time

·         Service animals must ride on their owner’s lap, under their owner’s seat, or as far out of the aisle as possible. Animals may not occupy a seat.

·         Drivers may ask if an animal is a pet but may not question or ask for any further documentation if the animal is stated to be a service animal

Concern Status
Footbeat requested (Diamond and Bosworth) Per former Ingleside Captain McFadden, SFPD station has limited footbeat officers and are currently prioritizing footbeats at Mission/Geneva.
New SFPD Info! New Captain of Ingleside Station is Jack Hart, who attended the Glen Park Association meeting with Supervisor Sheehy in October.
Concern Status
Open Hours at Glen Park should consider safety of the neighbors If this is your concern, can you please provide suggestions or more detail/justification for this comment?
2008 tree related park bond, did Glen Park get part of that? Over $6,000,000 was allocated to Glen Canyon Park as part of the 2008 Clean & Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond. RPD partnered with the Trust for Public Land and through an extensive outreach process redesigned and renovated to promote the park’s natural features and provided a new, larger playground, new tennis courts, improved

pedestrian amenities including new entry paths, a direct canyon access trail and ADA compliant access. The project was completed in 2014. In addition, the Glen Canyon Trails Improvement Project, the largest of the trails improvement projects funded by the 2008 CSNPB, was completed in summer 2015.

There are three street lights out in Glen Park Canyon. The lights that seem out are the first 3 lights from behind the new Rec Center moving west. As this roadway/path is heavily used, the lights are critical for safety in the Canyon Contacted Park Manager Carol Sionkowski about this in October 2017, who submitted a work request and sent the information to the RPD electric shop.
Concern Status
San Jose Underpass is dark Need to review options – will follow up with PUC
Bosworth/Chilton SR# 8077732 Catch Basin clogged Resolved 9/29/2017
Concern Status
BART: Landscaping at BART station unmaintained, Planter boxes/dead plants need restoration Fix It is following up with Public Works and SFMTA regarding the maintenance of the planters and landscaping that was part of the SFMTA Streetscape project.   Plants are currently being ordered as of 10/25/17, planting should be completed November/December 2017.
BART: Area behind BART is dark Will review in late evening and advise PUC.
BART: fare evasion Informed BART Police
BART: wood flower stand needs to be repainted Fix-It received permission from BART to repaint it.


Feedback regarding Traffic Effectiveness Project can be reported online:


[Editor’s note: photos not uploaded]




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2 responses to “Fix-It Team Update for GP

  1. Why are you planting oak trees in the face of insect infestation and death that is affecting local oaks. Those dead trees fueled the north bay fires along with all the structures. Beyond planned obsolescence – waste of city money and just plain sad watching a new tree wither and die.

    On Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 12:05 PM, The Glen Park Association wrote:

    > Heather World posted: “Forwarded from Sandra Zuniga, Fix-It Team Director: > Hello Glen Park Neighbors! Thank you for providing input on what should be > fixed in your neighborhood, based on you feedback and work we are able to > accomplish, we created the below action plan fo” >

    • NicholasDewar

      Hello Robin, thanks for paying attention to our Greenway plans. I’m one of the community volunteers working on the Greenway tree-planting project.

      We selected oak trees as the main species in our planting because the SF Department of the Environment recommends oaks as providing quality habitat for wildlife and plants. It is a tree with quite a wide canopy that may be hard to maintain in most urban settings, so we are interested to use such an environmentally valuable tree in the Greenway where there is sufficient space for it to grow without creating unusual maintenance problems.

      Yes it’s true that many oaks in the Bay Area are suffering from Sudden Oak Death (SOD). The SODMAP (see ) that tracks this shows that, whereas neighboring counties have elevated case levels, SF is generally free of SOD except for some cases in the Presidio and Golden Gate Park. We have taken care to minimize the risk of introducing infected oaks by buying the oaks that will be planted from a highly reputable nursery and by disinfecting the acorns that we have collected by soaking them in 3% hydrogen peroxide for a few hours. This doesn’t remove the possibility that some of these oaks may be infected in the future if SOD continues to spread in the City, but we believe that it’s worth the risk as the upside will be a significant stand of ecologically valuable habitat in our neighborhood.

      You also mention “insect infestation affecting local oaks.” I’m not sure what you’re referring to here. Oaks are a food source for oakworm (a moth called Phryganidia californica). Every 5-7 years oakworm infestations are very heavy resulting in significant loss of leaves and, rarely, even killing individual trees. However, oaks seem to be generally able to handle this. Valuable insect habitat is just one of the range of wildlife habitats provided by oak woodland.

      I hadn’t heard about oaks fueling the fires in the north bay – although I don’t dispute your statement. The variety of oaks that we will plant are, in fact, one of the California trees that US Forest Service considers to have outstanding fire resistant qualities – an important factor to consider when planting trees in a city.

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