Farewell, Fennel!

Photos by Stephany Wilkes

Thanks to all who turned out for last weekend’s Greenway Clean Up, and thanks to Stephany Wilkes and Nicholas Dewar for keeping this project on track with grants, plans and clean ups.

Around a dozen Glen Parkers and another dozen from DPW’s Green Team braved the fennel forest in an effort to beat nature into submission to make way for the Greenway.

Stephany Wilkes says this is the third time we’ve worked with DPW crews. We’re starting to form very cooperative relationships with them, since now we know them from earlier clean-up days.

Neighbors gather, ready for the (fennel) kill

Halfway there!

The fruits of the labor

Take it away, DPW!



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2 responses to “Farewell, Fennel!

  1. Patrick Charles Carroll

    Next time, use City Grazing! You won’t need to haul away the fennel. The goats will convert it into mulch http://www.citygrazing.org

    • Heather World

      Thanks for the suggestion, Mr. Carroll! We did indeed solicit the goats, but the price tag was too high, around $10,000.

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