Celebration of the Life of Mike Lefiti

Forwarded from the Diamond Heights Neighborhood Association and Cameron Partridge, St. Aidan’s Church:


What: A Diamond Heights Neighborhood Celebration of the Life of Mike Lefiti
When: Saturday, August 19, from 2 to 4 p.m.
Where: St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, 101 Gold Mine Drive, corner of Diamond Heights Blvd and Gold Mine Drive.

The Diamond Heights neighborhood lost a dear friend in June when UPS driver Mike Lefiti died in a horrific shooting at the UPS facility in San Francisco. For weeks neighbors gathered outside Creighton’s Coffee Shop at the Diamond Heights Shopping Center, mourning Mike and sharing stories of how he impacted people’s lives in this neighborhood every day.

In conversation with Mike’s daughter Mercedes Lefiti, with Jeanette Oliver, and with others from around the community, we have scheduled a neighborhood-based gathering to honor Mike on Saturday, August 19.

The purpose of this service is to open a space of story-sharing, to connect with one another, and with Mike’s family, as Mike connected with us. At the conclusion of the service, we’ll walk to Mike’s memorial space in front of Creighton’s and bless two benches that are being given in his memory. Please come, and bring your stories.

For more information, call St. Aidan’s at 415-285-9540.


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