Leo is back!

Glen Park’s UPS driver Leo Parker has been back on the job since Monday. After counseling and a vacation, Leo and his famous warm friendly voice and broad smile arrived with, what else, a package.




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7 responses to “Leo is back!

  1. Anonymous

    We are so happy to hear Leo is back! We have been worried about him.

  2. Deb Stark

    Leo is such a great guy! I saw him on Monday and wished him well. He is such a wonderful part of our neighborhood. Welcome back Leo!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Welcome back Leo!

  4. Debra

    Welcome Home Leo! GP just wasn’t the same without you! Wishing you & your family loads of happy days ahead!

  5. Susanna

    So good to see his warm smiling face around the village. I’ve never met a more courteous helpful professional.

  6. Liz S on Stillings

    Hooray! Leo, you’ve been on my mind a lot too. So glad to hear you’re back!

  7. Beth Kershaw

    So happy to see Leo’s happy face again. I saw him on Wed and it brighten my day and the rest of the week!

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