SJA Gets Its Stripes

Nighttime work crews are scheduled to lay permanent striping on southbound San Jose Avenue from Dolores to the freeway on-ramp starting June 26, according to Damon Curtis, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency engineer who has managed the project.

The week after, they will install the raised concrete barriers—called K rails—that separate the bike lane from traffic.

Finally, the week of July 11, they are scheduled to stripe the northbound side. Engineering plans show that side will also have a K rail. (Plans are linked below.)

While work happens on the northbound side, Caltrans will close the freeway off-ramp from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and re-route traffic.

Engineering plans:
San Jose Ave_Str-7682.1 (Randall St to Guerrero St)

San Jose Ave_STR-7682 (Rousseau St to Randall St)

Monterey Blvd_STR-7861.5 (Circular St to San Jose Ave Off Ramp)


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One response to “SJA Gets Its Stripes

  1. peter

    This was a ridiculous pilot project leading to massive delays at the San Jose and Randall lights and it’s sad to see the city make this permanent despite the marginal increase in bicycle traffic. But then the project manager was associated with the bicycle coalition and objective data of the results was ignored

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