UPS Driver Leo Parker is Taking Time Off

In the aftermath of the June 15 killing of three UPS drivers, Glen Park driver Leo Parker is taking some time off. He was physically close to the event and has been shaken up.

Drivers and managers have been transferred from other areas to fill in. According to substitute drivers today, more than 40 UPS drivers are on leave after the event. The substitutes from out of town are being put up in local hotels.

Yesterday evening, a manager from Fresno was working the Glen Park route.

This morning, Mark R., a driver from Fairfield, and Victor S., a manager from San Diego, were delivering packages on Chenery Street. One woman was chatting with them and taking down Leo’s number to send him a text. Another woman, driving by, stopped and asked about Leo.

“He’s taking some time,” said one of them. “He’s been through a lot.”


Victor, a manager from San Diego (L) and Mark, a driver from Fairfield, filling in for Leo

Mark and Victor observed the overwhelming outpouring of concern and support for Leo; the families of the slain drivers; and all the UPS drivers, managers and staff. “This is so amazing,” they agreed.


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  1. John Rohosky

    Thanks Bonnee:

    If appropriate at this time, could you send Leo’s info to

    Best regards, John Rohosky 2579 Diamond

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