Glen Park Hardware closes for remodel

Glen Park Hardware

Glen Park Hardware beginning of remodel. May 30, 2017. Photo by Elizabeth Weise

Glen Park Hardware closed on May 29 for renovation and the new owners hope to have it reopened by mid-June.

Aaron and Simar Esquivel had originally hoped to be able to buy additional shelves to add to the shelving units already in the store. However when Aaron went looking for them, he found the company that made the shelves had gone out of business years ago and there was no way to purchase more. This was a problem because several of the units were broken or missing pieces.

Meet the new owners of Glen Park Hardware

The Esquivels realized they would have to install new shelving units and made the decision to do a full scale remodel. The store closed at the end of the day on Saturday, May 28 and workers and already almost cleared it out by mid-day on Sunday, May 29.

Judging from the number of people who stopped by Sunday hoping to buy something, the store, which re-opened in December after former owners Hal and Susan Tauber retired on Aug. 31st,  has once again become a neighborhood standby.





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One response to “Glen Park Hardware closes for remodel

  1. Eric Whittington

    Inquiring minds want to know… what’s up with Chenery Park? Just being used as a staging ground by Aaron & Simar for the remodel, or indicative of something new there?

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