SFMTA Needs Your Help in Building Customer Information System

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency is seeking public input in its effort to build a new real-time customer information system from the ground up. It would substantially change or replace the current NextBus system. They’ve issued a press release on the project, along with links to a 10-minute survey. Feedback from the survey will help determine not only the initial design of the system but future features to implement.

SFMTA hopes to get a substantial response to the survey to begin building a reliable customer information system.

Below is a link to the press release and survey. The survey link is at the bottom of the page.


Your feedback would be greatly appreciated by the people at SDMTA.



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2 responses to “SFMTA Needs Your Help in Building Customer Information System

  1. Jeanne Halpern

    Sorry, but though I think this survey is a fine idea, I have no idea why my answers keep getting bounced back because of an error I just can’t find. I give up, but good luck. Jeanne


    • Bonnee Waldstein

      Jeanne, I’ve gotten a few replies from people who’ve taken the survey and I’ve taken it myself with no problem. Sorry you had an issue with it. If you have the fortitude maybe you could try again. If I hear that more people are having problems, I’ll contact SFMTA.
      Bonnee Waldstein

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