“Breaking” News: Water Main on Miguel Street

Photos by Bonnee Waldstein

The lovely dry weather we’ve been experiencing over the last several days contrasted with a puzzling sight — muddy water cascading down and along several blocks of Glen Park Wednesday evening.

Following the brown flow to its source led to Miguel Street, near the corner of Bemis Street.  A water main had broken and the incident was called in at around 3 P.M., according to S.F. Water Department crews on the scene.  They arrived an hour later and anticipated it would be capped by 8 P.M. or so.

Water service was affected along the block of Miguel Street between Bemis and Laidley Streets.  One worker said that either block east or west on Laidley might have also been affected, although he wasn’t sure. Since the source was at a high point in the neighborhood, the water flowed and meandered around several blocks in the area.

The broken main was a cast iron pipe, estimated to be around 100 years old.

The crew went about its business in a cheerful manner, confident that things would be under control soon and, hopefully, without undue distress to those affected.

IMG_6019IMG_6023IMG_6030IMG_6025 .


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