Tom Coulter, Glen Park Station owner, has died

Photos by Bonnee Waldstein

Early this morning, the Glen Park Station was packed. People were celebrating the life of Tom Coulter who, along with Rene Lacore, was co-owner of the Glen Park Station bar. Coulter was 72 and died of pneumonia and a blood infection on March 30.

A special celebration was held at the bar from 6 AM – 9 AM.

Festivities will take place again today from 1 PM to 5 PM. Stop by if you can.

A detailed obituary will be coming soon.



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One response to “Tom Coulter, Glen Park Station owner, has died

  1. Sally Ross

    Hi, Bonnee,

    I am unable to provide an acceptable URL for my entry, so I am sending it to you, but I will try wordpress. If it is too late, never mind.

    I liked your note.


    I am so sorry to learn of Tom’s death, and offer my condolences to his partner. He was a Notary Public, and for several years I always received a pleasant reception when I came by with papers that needed his seal. He was receptive to my placing concert notices in his window, too, for which I (and the FSC) are grateful.

    Sally Ross

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