See a thief work his way down all the cars on Chenery Street.


A Glen Park neighbor caught this on their camera this past week. It shows a thief calmly walking past all the cars on the block and using a flashlight to see if anything was visible to steal. This occurred at 3:33 am.

One of the cars in the block got broken by the thief, though it happens just off camera so you can’t see it. Two windows broken, which cost hundreds of dollars to fix.

So don’t leave anything visible in your car at night. Remember watching this guy check out the cars slowly and carefully the next time you’re tempted to so “just this once.”

Here’s the link.




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3 responses to “See a thief work his way down all the cars on Chenery Street.

  1. FedUp in Frisco

    It doesn’t matter if your car is completely empty. They will still break a window and look around because there is no down side to it. Last month at 4 a.m., I caught a guy in the act reaching through my smashed hatchback window and looking around inside. There was nothing to take. Nothing in sight. My car was parked under a street light, in front of my house with the porch light on. When I came out to my porch and yelled, he just looked at me like, “What? What do you want?” before realizing that I was coming after him. He took off. I got the full plate number and called the police with full identification of him and the vehicle. Nothing came of it.

    Just get over the fact that your car isn’t safe. We live in a city with no concern for property crime. It is as if it is god-given right to be a petty thief here and scavenge any morsel that isn’t locked down.

  2. Gaelen Gates

    I think it’s important to add that this is the case *EVEN IF WHAT YOU LEFT IN THE CAR HAS NO VALUE.* I used to leave my car at my gym after I worked out in the morning and walked to work. I left my gym bag in the car each day, because why would anyone steal sweaty workout clothes? Eventually the car got broken into, because all a thief sees is a bag holding something *potentially* valuable. The sweaty gym clothes cost about $20 to replace, but fixing the broken window was much more pricey (not to mention the hassle)…

  3. Anonymous

    Agree with FedUp. The goodwill of taxpaying San Franciscans has been frayed to the breaking point. If the police don’t take aggressive action, we will soon find ourselves like Venezuela.

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