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Glen Park village traffic pattern changes

Updates will be posted on our blog’s home page. You can learn more, see detailed documents and sign up to receive email updates and alerts from the SFMTA on the project website.

Why no pedestrian scramble?

Click here, tap “Details” and scroll down.

Greenway linking the village and park

The Glen Park Community Plan includes the objective to “sustain and improve the informal greenway and pedestrian path connecting downtown Glen Park and Glen Canyon Park.” The Glen Park Association has been awarded a $40,000 grant to initiate a concept plan for the Glen Park Greenway.

Click here to learn more and get involved.

Glen Canyon Park changes

SF Recreation and Park Department description of project

Commuter Shuttles

SFMTA study

San Jose Avenue “road diet”

Please search blog entries for the latest update. The offramp will remain two lanes, and northbound SJA has been reduced from three lanes to two. Speed limits remain 45 mph.

SFMTA description of project

Here is the third-party assessment of the freeway offramp configuration

Glen Park Community Plan

Glen Park Community Plan
SF Planning Department page about GPCP


SFMTA map of new route: Please note the arrows in the picture point the wrong way. The bus will follow the route described by the text. The changes are part of a larger MUNI overhaul now called the MUNI Forward.

Or, if you prefer the long story of the 35, here is a map of the current route, here is a map of the TEP’s original proposal, here is a map of the revised proposal , and here is “The Betsy Plan” (suggested by Betsy Eddy of the Diamond Heights Neighborhood Association) that seems to have a fair amount of neighborhood support though not from Arlington Street residents.

Replacing street lights

Map of lights that will be upgraded in Glen Park
Text describing lights that will be upgraded in Glen Park, which you will need because the text on the map is tiny.

Utility boxes

From the SF Dept. of Public Works, a general description of utility boxes and the process through which they are installed, and a map of proposed and approved sites.
AT&T seems to be putting in the boxes at present. Here is their description of the project.


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