Islais Creek tries to daylight itself

digging-in-parkFriday, January 20, 2017

Harvey Steiman was talking through Glen Canyon Park on Friday when he saw this in the ball field facing Elk St.

When he asked one of the workers what was going on, he was told “they had discovered a leak in ‘the sewer.'”

Further questioning revealed that the culvert that Islais Creek runs in had sprung a leak and City crews were working to repair it.

Islais Creek runs free through the canyon but is then diverted into a culver which runs out to Illinois Street.

This isn’t exactly what the Glen Park Plan meant when it suggested that daylighting the creek might be a possibility in some future time. Cleary, the creek was trying to move up the timeline, but to no avail.

To what it might look like when it does finally happen, here’s a fascinating senior thesis by Christopher Hasle Norgaard at UC Davis.





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2 responses to “Islais Creek tries to daylight itself

  1. Constance Flannery

    I heard there was once a bridge over Islais creek on Diamond Street. Would love to see one again. Cities where water flows like Paris and St Petersburg are so much prettier

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  2. Jeanne Halpern

    Elizabeth, That senior thesis by Noorgard was just a delight! Thanks so much for including it because though I knew quite a bit about Islais Creek historically, the geographic presentation in the thesis, plus the related examples from Europe and America, made daylighting seem like a little-by-little process and a mammoth challenge. What a nice piece of work that thesis was! Thanks, Jeanne

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