Bosworth Bike Lane (Update)

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency will not be asking neighbors to vote on alternatives presented at aNov. 30 community meeting. Instead, the agency decided to proceed with a modified version of proposal A, seen about halfway through this slide presentation.

SFMTA has promised to publicize the final proposal and the date for a public hearing.



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5 responses to “Bosworth Bike Lane (Update)

  1. Jon

    Not even a vote on it, eh? Not surprised…I knew it was a done deal from the moment it was proposed as the bike lobby remains much too strong in SF and has little regard for those of us who simply and for legitimate reasons can’t use their coveted transportation method. The rest of us get little to no say as usual.

    I guess we’ll see about the traffic disruptions, but I still predict the effect will be much greater than advertised and will likely create some nasty backups during commute times, probably well passed the light at Diamond. It was backed up pretty badly this morning with no bike lane so I can only imagine the worse backups that are now on the horizon once the lane is installed.

  2. Heather World

    But I think the option they’re going with is the one that preserves traffic lanes, no? At least, that’s how I read it.

  3. g2-ca78978727d33fb007720b354c8eae9d

    Why even bother with community meetings if you aren’t going to follow through with the process? Just.wastes the time of those who bothered to attend.

    • Heather World

      I’m confused by the last comment: in my view, the SFMTA should most definitely “bother” with community meetings so that Glen Parkers know what changes they intend for our neighborhood and be allowed to give feedback.

      That’s why the GPA insisted they host a meeting, that’s why the GPA asked them to bring materials illustrating the options (they didn’t, which we can attribute to poor planning rather than arrogance if we’re feeling generous), and that’s why we asked them to allow a vote for residents trying to digest this info quickly in one evening.

      Thanks to the meeting, SFMTA learned there was a great deal of consternation around losing a lane of traffic on Bosworth. So it appears (“appears” because we’re still pulling teeth to get specifics) that they accepted the community feedback that significantly altering vehicular traffic for so few bicycles is not logical.

  4. Jon

    Hmmm…I’d love to be wrong here with my initial comment and hope that the right turn lane is fully preserved. From option A in the slide presentation, it does *appear* that this may indeed be the case.

    Hopefully, someone can confirm this soon.

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