New Building Codes

Forwarded from SF DBI:


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3 responses to “New Building Codes

  1. Sydney Clemens

    Dear Heather,

    This is almost what I need. Do you, by any chance, know the fence height limit in our building code?

    I’d be grateful to know it.

    Many thanks,

    Sydney Gurewitz Clemens
    73 Arbor Street
    San Francisco, CA 94131
    415 586 7338 or 415 794 1997

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    • Heather World

      Hi Sydney!

      Sorry to say that I don’t, but I’ll bet you can find it from the link they gave:

      There is a search engine you could use to look up “fence height.” I imagine it would take a bit of sifting, but it’s probably in there. Alternatively, you could call DBI, though I must admit I’ve never done that. I’ve always gotten useful help and good answers from the Planning Dept, but I don’t know if DBI is as helpful.

      Good luck!!

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