Glen Park Hardware reopens under new ownership


Jonathon Travis, the new manager of Glen Park Hardware. 

Dec. 12, 2016.

By Gail Bensinger

After several weeks of cleaning, building and rearranging, Glen Park Hardware is once again open for business.

New owner Aaron Esquivel and his hard-working crew are holding a “soft” opening as they wait for new stocks to arrive. They have opened up the back room, used as a storeroom by previous owners Hal and Susan Tauber, and made it into a new garden center, with seeds, tools and hoses. The existing merchandise has been rearranged throughout the store, and gaps on shelves await replenishment.

Aaron is asking every customer and browser what to stock beyond the usual carpentry and plumbing supplies, and is considering the recommendations – houseplants and pots and pans are under consideration. If there’s something you’d like to see, go in and suggest it.

In the meantime, go and admire the holiday window decorations, scour the stocks for necessities and stocking stuffers, and say hello to Glen Park’s newest merchants.

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