Tree down on Bosworth

Saturday night’s rainstorm appears to have snapped the trunk of a tree on Bosworth between Chilton & Burnside, on the right going toward the canyon. Neighbor Susan Sutton got these photos.



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One response to “Tree down on Bosworth

  1. Just FYI, I reported that tree as well as two other dead trees near it to the SF Bureau of Urban Forestry (BUF) last January because I was afraid that a big wind would topple one or all of them. On 1/6/16 BUF decided that removing the trees was not their responsibility & passed on the request to the DPW on 1/7/16. DPW did nothing but closed the case for some reason, as if the situation had been handled. Today I sent another service request. We’ll see if anything happens.

    I intend to call them as well. Those dead trees pose a real safety hazard. We heard the tree fall around 4 am.h Thankfully no one was hurt but people walk up & down that side of the street so it could have happened.

    Thanks for the photos too, Susan.

    Dennis Blanchard


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