EIR for RecPark’s Natural Resource Management Plan

The Planning Department has released the final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the Recreation and Park Department’s Natural Resources Management Plan. Click here to see it, listed under case #2005.0912E

According to RecPark, “This plan outlines a progressive, comprehensive approach to managing our most sensitive habitats which include (in part) the forests of Mt. Davidson, grasslands of Bernal Hill, the coastal scrub of Twin Peaks, the creek in Glen Canyon, the wetlands of India Basin and Lake Merced, and portions of McLaren Park, Buena Vista Park, and the Oak Woodlands of Golden Gate Park. These areas support an array of native habitats and species, some found nowhere else in the world, such as the San Francisco garter snake and mission blue butterfly. In total, 140 species (67 animals & 73 plants) are sensitive species presently or historically known to occur in these particular areas. Some of these species have state or federal protections.”


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