Meet the new owners of Glen Park hardware


The new owners of Glen Park Hardware, Aaron and Simar Esquivel.

Story and photo by Gail Bensinger

Aaron and Simar Esquivel, the new owners of the Glen Park Hardware Store, hope to get the shop reopened in time for Christmas.

Aaron, who grew up in Pacifica and Stockton, and Simar, originally from India, met when they were both studying at Humphreys College in Stockton. They are the parents of a year-old daughter, Elia.

The couple already have one business, which supplies industrial materials to commercial jobsites. They were looking for a second business when Aaron heard from one of his suppliers about Glen Park Hardware just before Hal and Susan Tauber closed on Aug. 31. Negotiations with the Taubers and the landlady after then led to a final deal.

The Esquivels say they are going to keep the shop open seven days a week, probably for longer hours, and will keep the familiar merchandise – including the seed racks, the key-making machinery and the paint – on the same shelves that Glen Park shoppers are used to. The Taubers will give them a hand for the first month, Aaron says.

They are considering adding a tool-rental service. Other changes will be made gradually.

See the December issue of the Glen Park News for a more detailed story on the  new owners.



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2 responses to “Meet the new owners of Glen Park hardware

  1. Jeanne Halpern

    Congratulations and Welcome to Glen Park!

  2. Anonymous

    Fantastic news!

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