SFMTA Hub Study Discussed

The SFMTA Board of Directors will consider a hub model for commuter shuttle buses at its regular meeting Tuesday, Nov. 15., 1 p.m., City Hall, Room 100 The public is invited to comment.

Click here and scroll down to Item 11 to see

  • the final report of the hub model
  • mid-term report on the existing commuter shuttle system
  • slide presentations of both

Some members of the Board of Supervisors had requested the study after the SFMTA Board of Directors approved a commuter shuttle system in San Francisco in late 2015. It promised to examine the feasibility of having all shuttles depart and arrive from one (or a few) locations in San Francisco, rather than adhere to the arterial network used now.

The public voted on possible locations; Glen Park BART station was the third-most mentioned spot, but planners only saw it viable as part of a larger network of hubs. They do not appear to be recommending a hub model at all.

The line-up:

• Caltrain Station at 4th Street and King Street (80)
• Temporary Transbay Terminal (73)
• Glen Park BART Station (55)
• Dolores Street and San Jose Avenue (34)
• Van Ness Avenue and Bay Street (33)



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2 responses to “SFMTA Hub Study Discussed

  1. glenparkdaddy

    The hub model is dumb, it just forces a few locations to absorb the burden of what should be a citywide transportation decision.

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