3 Injured in GP Vehicle Rollover

A long-time Glen Park neighbor lost control of her Volvo coming down Whitney Street and plowed into several parked cars before rear-ending and tipping a Mini Cooper and finally crashing into a parked car near the bottom of the street.

Three people, including the Volvo driver, were injured but none severely, according to witnesses.

The first Cars to be Hit

The Volvo driver lost control at the top of the first block of Whitney. These two vehicles were among the first two hit. They had been parallel parked on the east side, facing downhill.

The Mini That Flipped

The Mini was rear-ended by the Volvo on its way down hill. The Mini’s passenger and driver were injured, but apparently not severely.


The car that stopped the Volvo

The Volvo finally stopped near the bottom of Whitney when it hit this car, which had been parked on the west side facing uphill.

This image apparently wants to stay upside down. Sorry about that. (HW)

The Volvo

The Volvo. Despite hitting a half dozen cars and flipping one, only its front-end was damaged. The driver, 81, was terrified but not severely injured, according to witnesses.



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4 responses to “3 Injured in GP Vehicle Rollover

  1. Sandy

    Is the persons age a factor in this story?

  2. Could have been. The reporting was an eye-witness account of breaking news. The description helped me narrow down which of my neighbors was involved and make the correct inquiries to offer help. It is an accurate description and I appreciate all of the details.

  3. sfjour

    An 81-year-old female Volvo driver ran over the MiniCooper couple.
    I wonder whether they’ll trade in the MC for a SUV.

  4. Heather World

    Thanks to SFJour for driver’s age, and I’m sorry about “elderly.” It implies foggy, and she’s not.

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