Hoodline adds Glen Park to its news lineup

Hoodline is a local blog founded in 2010 to cover the Haight (at that point it was called Hagighteration.) It’s since turned into a blog about neighborhoods in San Francisco and it just added Glen Park to its coverage area. You can see the most recent story below. Writer Alisa Scerrato contacted us at the Glen Park News to ask what was up in our community and what they should be writing about. We’re happy to have more eyes on our bit of heaven here – so welcome to Hoodlime and say hi if you run into their reporters wandering our streets.

Glen Park Hardware For Sale, Will Close By End Of Summer

After serving the neighborhood for 38 years, Glen Park Hardware will be closing its doors by the end of the summer. Owners Susan and Hal Tauber are retiring and have put their store up for sale, but so far, no buyers have shown interest in the space. We caught up with Susan Tauber to learn about their nearly four decades in the neighborhood, and their future plans.

The Taubers are longtime residents of Glen Park. Prior to opening the store, they were both teachers, but when the ’70s recession hit, they decided that they needed to try something different. The hardware store was up for sale, so they gave it a go and bought the business.

Please read more here.


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