SFMTA to Pilot GP Route for Shuttles


Corporate shuttle buses will test the Glen Park BART station as a pick up and drop off location starting July 11, according to a memo circulated to Genentech employees in late June.

Buses longer than 35 feet quit using the street in February of this year when the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency rolled out an amended corporate shuttle plan. The plan allowed longer buses on state-defined arterial streets only. Bosworth is an arterial, but buses need to access it via Diamond Street, which is not.

According to the memo, corporate bus programs would be expected to work together to coordinate bus schedules to avoid overcrowding at the bus stops.

Prior to the prohibition on non-arterial streets, the shuttles had dropped off passengers on Diamond, but now both drop off and pick up will happen on Bosworth, according to the memo.

“This is necessary both to improve the safety of passengers that previously disembarked between parked cars and to ensure we are complying with SFMTA regulations that prohibit the buses from double-parking,” the note said. “Please recognize that in afternoon traffic it may take a few extra minutes to reach the drop-off location on Bosworth.”

Click here to see map of arterial streets.


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