Diamond/Bosworth Update

Forwarded from Kelley McCoy, SFMTA PR:

Update on Diamond/Bosworth construction:

Over the last three days, our crews have been pouring cement for the remaining sidewalk work as follows:
4/13 – northeast corner curb (completed)
4/14 – southwest corner ADA curb ramps (completed)
4/15 – northeast sidewalk – crews currently working on this

This is the final bit of the construction. After today’s pour is completed, they will begin their close-out checklist.

Upcoming Items:
-Permanent striping: expected to happen the week of 4/18; there’s no confirmed date, but it will take a day to complete and will be done by Friday 4/22.
-Sensor and final signal timing card: After the striping is in place, a small crew will install sensors in the streets. No heavy construction—they’ll make a small divot in the street, install the sensor and patch the hole. After sensors are installed, the final signal timing card will be installed. I am working with our Traffic Engineering division is nail down a date for when this will occur. Depending on their schedule, this could be anywhere between next week and the first week of May.

Neighborhood Questions:
-Funding for Phase 2: MTA is actively looking for funding for phase 2 of the improvements. Funding is being sought through grants, which will fund the suggested improvements of phase 2. I’ll provide a follow-up update with more information about phase 2 shortly as I wait for more details from our Livable Streets division.
-Left-turn on SB Diamond: Our Traffic Engineering division is currently putting together the data for this area. I’m expecting to get something from them early next week. As you know, this item has been discussed at length on previous occasions. Engineering analysis had shown that a left-turn phase for the southbound Diamond lane would cause increased wait times for both people walking and people driving through the intersection, which would create increase traffic at other intersections. When I receive more information from the engineers next week, I will forward that onto this group and we can further discuss the issue.


Kelley McCoy
Public Relations Officer
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
1 South Van Ness Avenue, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

Email: kelley.mccoy@sfmta.com


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  1. Hi Kelly,

    Please read the traffic comments from people who replied to a previous post:


    It will give you an idea of the frustration felt by many, albeit only a few who were able to reply.

    Thank you,

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