35 Bus to go to GP BART

Forwarded from SFMTA:

This April 23, Muni Forward is rolling out its fourth round of service improvements in just over a year. City-wide, 17 lines will get more frequent service, 10 lines will see expanded service hours, two lines will make new connections to BART, and two new Owl routes are launching.

In District 8, residents will directly benefit from a new connection to Glen Park BART on the 35 Eureka. The 35 will also get a boost in frequency, from service every 30 minutes to every 25 minutes in the morning, and every 15 minutes in the evening.

All Muni Metro weekend service will also be increased so trains arrive every 10 minutes on Saturday, and every 12 minutes on Sunday, and the 37 Corbett will see more service during the evening commute.

In addition, we’re planning two brand new Owl routes along portions of the 48 Quintara-24th St and 44 O’Shaughnessy. The new 48 Owl will provide All Nighter service between Noe Valley and 3rd Street, while the 44 Owl will serve Glen Park BART to the Bayview.

For more information visit http://www.muniforward.com.


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