Intersection update

March 31, 2016
Hi everyone,
Last week, crews began construction on the northeast (former Citibank building) corner and removed the part of the sidewalk that will be rebuilt.  Landscapers have continued to plant between Elk and Diamond. They should be done by the end of this week (4/1).
This week, we have been addressing a delay regarding the ADA ramps at the northeast corner. Currently, there are two electrical boxes underneath the northeast sidewalk that are preventing the contractors from completing the ADA ramps installation.  SFMTA and the contractors have been working with the owners of the boxes, PG&E and AT&T, for the past month to relocate/move the boxes.  AT&T is scheduled to work on their electrical box this Friday (4/1).  PG&E has not yet responded to the requests, and we are still working to confirm a day with them. We anticipate that someone from PG&E may come out next week (week of 4/4) to relocate their box.  To accommodate PG&E, we have extended the Muni bus re-routes of the 44 and 52 an additional two weeks (ending 4/15).  After the boxes have been relocated, the contractor can finish pouring cement for the ADA ramps, sidewalk and street base. (If we are able to resolve this item and complete the pour before 4/15, then the Muni buses will go back to regular service before 4/15.)
This is the current schedule for work on the week of 4/4:
·         Pouring the new curb and gutter—started and completed 4/4
·         AT&T and PG&E relocating the electrical boxes located at the northeast corner—AT&T scheduled for 4/4, PG&E still being worked out
·         Finish pouring the ADA ramps, sidewalk and street base at the northeast corner – will start once both electrical boxes are relocated; depending on when contractors can start, work may go into week of 4/11
After next week (week of 4/11), we are anticipating the majority of construction to be completed. The contractor will be finishing punchlist work. We are aiming to have the permanent striping, final signal timing card and traffic sensors installed by SFMTA immediately after the contractors are finished with their work so there is little to no lag time between crews.
Anticipated completion date is 4/15. We are aware of the Glen Park Festival on 4/24 and keeping that date in mind as we work to finish out this project. The primary factor that might change the completion date is when the contractors can begin pouring cement for the corner, which is dependent on PG&E.
-Maintenance of the medians after project completion: I recently was informed that the item for median plant maintenance was changed earlier in the project. The new agreement is that the contractors will take care of maintenance for ONE year.  After the year, Public Works will take over the maintenance. Any requested maintenance for the first year should be sent to me, and I will alert the contractors to what needs to be addressed.
-Benches are fading: This falls under Public Works scope of work. Initially, our contractors had asked Public Works if they wanted additional protectant on the benches (i.e. graffiti protectant, harder stain, etc.) and they did not request anything.  The current stain on the benches was light, which is probably why they’re fading. I will reach out and ask Public Works to re-stain the benches.
Please let me know if there’s any questions.
Kelley McCoy
Public Relations Officer
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
1 South Van Ness Avenue, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: 415.701.5428
Find us on:  cid:7C8A705D-BE93-4344-BA43-5D8091B0E094   cid:B29C55C9-1ACB-4CE7-8DCA-7CFF4C3A15E6   cid:9FD06AA0-65AF-44D3-ADE0-5374509A110E

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