Diamond/Bosworth update

From Kelley McCoy, SFMTA Public Relations Officer:

We are embarking on the final weeks of construction – thank you to all for your patience! Construction is expected to start on MONDAY, MARCH 21. The remaining construction work, which includes the northeast corner revisions and the completion of the ADA ramps, is expected to be completed by the end of the month. After that, our contractor will be concluding punchlist items (routine close-out procedure required for construction projects), which should take about two weeks. We are expecting the entire project to be completed by mid-April. During the construction, I will provide an update during the week and another before the weekend so you’ll know what the next week will look like.

There are transit service impacts during the two weeks that crews are working on the northeast corner. The inbound 44 and 52 bus stop in front of the bank building will not be serviced during the construction. A temporary stop for the 44 will be set up across Diamond Street, by the metered parking spaces. The 52 bus will be rerouted via Arlington and Wilder. Customers can use the existing 52 bus stop in front of the Le P’tit Laurent restaurant to catch the bus. The bus service changes will be in place from March 21 through April 1, but if work is completed before April 1, the buses will go back to regular service and routes.

I’ve attached is a map of the service changes for reference. This information is also available on the project website, should you want to forward to your membership. https://www.sfmta.com/calendar/alerts/final-weeks-construction-glen-park-project-starts-march-21 https://www.sfmta.com/calendar/alerts/final-weeks-construction-glen-park-project-starts-march-21

To answer a previous question about work last month: there was some work scheduled for February that did not get done, which included landscaping and the ADA ramps installation. Delay was due in part to unfavorable forecasted weather during the month and availability of the landscaping contractor.


Kelley McCoy
Public Relations Officer
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
1 South Van Ness Avenue, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

Email: kelley.mccoy@sfmta.com mailto:kelley.mccoy@sfmta.com
Phone: 415.701.5428

http://www.sfmta.com http://www.sfmta.com/



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3 responses to “Diamond/Bosworth update

  1. Gary Pike

    What about all the finalization of the signal poles, lights, timing system, etc.?


    Gary Pike 132 Hamerton Avenue San Francisco, CA 94131 415-260-0449 cell garypaulpike@me.com


  2. Gary Pike

    Hi Kelly – will the two dead trees in the island West of Diamond be replaced before completion?


    Gary Pike 132 Hamerton Avenue San Francisco, CA 94131 415-260-0449 cell garypaulpike@me.com


  3. Heather World

    Gary, When you reply to a post on the Glen Park Association blog, you reach someone from the GPA. To reach Kelley, you need to use her email address listed at the bottom of the post.

    On behalf of the GPA, from what we know, once all the physical work is completed,
    the new signal plan will go into effect.

    Any modifications based on observation and/or new data would follow
    after a period of time to allow community to co-evolve with new

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