Glen Park farmers market won’t reopen


by Rachel Gordon

The Glen Park Village Farmers’ Market, a fixture of Sunday mornings in the neighborhood since 2011, will not be returning this year and could be shuttered for good.

The farmers’ market had operated on the BART parking lot across from the Glen Park station. But BART alerted market organizers that the lot would be unavailable several Sundays this year “for a variety of reasons” related to upcoming weekend BART closures for needed rail repairs. As a result, the lease was not renewed.

That was the message Molly Burke, regional transit agency’s government and community relations manager, delivered to the presidents of the Glen Park Association and Glen Park Merchants Association in a March 16 email.

farmers market opening.JPG

The opening of the first Glen Park farmers market.


Alyssia Plata, a spokeswoman for the Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association, which managed the Glen Park market and still operates more than five dozen others in the Bay Area, said BART’s plans drove the decision to call it quits in Glen Park—at least for this year.

She conceded, however, that there was a secondary factor: The Glen Park market struggled last year to attract the volume of shoppers it needed to remain vital. The dwindling crowds led to fewer vendors and a smaller selection of produce and prepared foods, which in turn made the market less of a draw. “It was a challenge,” Plata told the Glen Park News.

District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener, who represents Glen Park on the Board of Supervisors, lamented the closure.

“I’m disappointed that the BART parking lot is no longer available for the farmers market, which has been a fantastic weekly event for the neighborhood,” Wiener said. “I will be happy to work with neighbors and merchants to identify a new location.”

The neighborhood market ran from spring to Thanksgiving, with a pause over the winter months.

The Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association has not ruled out bringing the market back to Glen Park, Plata said

Ric Lopez, president of the Glen Park Merchants Association who was instrumental in getting the market started, initially hoped the market would operate on Wilder Street, off of Diamond Street near Chenery Street. But that would have necessitated a weekly street closure, which generated opposition.

Lopez is said to be hunting for a temporary location for this year. Meanwhile, he let BART know that he would like to see the market return to the parking lot in 2017.

“The farmers’ market has become an integral part (of) Glen Park and surrounding neighborhoods,” he told BART’s Burke. “The farmers’ market has become a neighbors’ gathering place on Sundays and will be greatly missed.”



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5 responses to “Glen Park farmers market won’t reopen

  1. Judy Einzig

    Could the farmer’s market operate in Glen Park- the park? There’s plenty of room there.

  2. joelweinberger

    This is devastating news and a terrible loss for the community. Our family so adored the market, and it has been so useful in supporting local farmers. I certainly hope we can find to support a farmer’s market in GP anew.

  3. Anonymous

    it was a joke of a farmers market

  4. Catherine

    I am SOOOOO disappointed! For the last two years, my family’s weekly Sunday routine was breakfast at CUP then a trip to the farmer’s market, often followed by visits to other village businesses. My kiddos — now 2 and 5 — and I would walk from Sunnyside and make a whole morning out it. Just last week they begged me, “WHEN do we get to start going to CUP and the farmer’s market again??” I’m so sad to report the bad news to them :…(

  5. Patricia

    My family will miss the market a great deal! In particular, the organic fresh vegetables were a critical component of our weekly meals. Please do bring the market back!

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