Glen Park Greenway and the Surplus Property Ordinance

Forwarded from Nicholas Dewar, GPA Greenway Project facilitator:

Hello Glen Park Greenway Neighbors,

I want you to know about an interesting development related to our Greenway plans:

The Glen Park Association (GPA) has heard from Supervisor Wiener’s office that, as part of the implementation of the Surplus Property Ordinance (Prop K, which passed during our most recent election in the fall of 2015), the DPW property that constitutes much of the Greenway has been included in the list of property for review and consideration for use for new housing. The same, initial email from Sup. Wiener reiterated that he is opposed to using neighborhood open space for housing.

Michael Rice, President of the GPA, replied to Sup. Wiener and reminded him that this property is shown in the Glen Park Community Plan as a greenway, and that, following an extensive public outreach effort, the Glen Park community reached consensus on a Concept Plan for the Greenway.

Sup. Wiener replied saying that “I do not support selling off community open space – which [the Greenway] clearly is – for development.” He added that he will inform us if there is to be a Board of Supervisors hearing about these parcels.

It seems that the efforts of all of us to move forwards with the Greenway have helped us to demonstrate that this really isn’t “surplus property” and that we will most likely be able to count on the availability of the property for use as the Greenway. Many thanks for being a part of this effort.

Nicholas Dewar



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5 responses to “Glen Park Greenway and the Surplus Property Ordinance

  1. Jean Conner

    I understand that the reason this land has remained open was because it is the stream bed and sewer line. Does anyone know? >

  2. Anastasia Glikshtern

    …need to watch what you vote for….

  3. Dawn Murayama

    When Bosworth Street was widened and all of the houses were taken by
    imminent domain, what I heard many years ago was the property remaining on the North side would be green space for the community. I wonder if some of the old Glen Park newspapers may have the answer.

  4. Heather World

    Thanks for that heads up! We’ll see what we can dig up.

  5. Jean, some of the land includes the stream bed and sewer line, which we understand is likely protected, but this is not true of all the proposed parcels.

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