Diamond/Bosworth update

Forwarded from Kelley McCoy
Public Relations Officer
Email: kelley.mccoy@sfmta.com

Work will start up again starting Monday, February 8. Crews will be out along Bosworth Street working on the remaining landscaping.  Their work will be focused west of Diamond Street, so there are no impacts expected for the intersection.  Due to the small space on the median, there may be a partial lane closure on Bosworth around the area that the crews are working. I’m still waiting for additional details from the contractor about other traffic impacts—I will let you all know of any additional impacts if there are any.  The landscaping is expected to take three weeks to complete though it may take less time (from Feb.8-26; no work will be done on President’s Day).

Towards the latter half of next week (Thursday-Friday), our contractor will be completing the ADA-accessible ramps and parts of the sidewalk at the intersection.  This is expected to take only those two days to complete

Our contractors are still finalizing their schedule for the northeast corner revisions.  Work for this is not expected to start until later this month. I will follow-up with more information about the construction when I receive it from the contractors.


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