Highland Bridge project update


Highland Avenue Bridge – Project update from Grace Moore, DPW, Grace.Moore@sfdpw.org


Dear Neighbors

Phase I; traffic railing work is almost completed.

This week you may see crews removing construction debris, restoring parking along Arlington Street and finish installing 4 new street lights. (see details below)

Phase II; security fencing design work is completed. The fence will be installed to enclose the east and west bridge abutments for security. Construction and installation will be completed by the end of March 2016. (see details below) (ClearVu fencing pictured in this press release)

Phase I – traffic rail replacement

Contractors currently are working on electrical/corrective work on the bridge including:

  1. Finish work for new traffic railing
  2. Housekeeping/Demobilization
  3. Installation of bridge street light lighting elements/luminaries
  4. Complete wiring for all new electrical improvements
  5. Electrical improvement service point pull-box
  6. Install added street light pole bases (4); *
  7. Installation of added street lights (4) *

* San Francisco Public Utilities Commission staff will complete service connections at a later date; the four new street lights will not be in service until SFPUC staff completes service connections. Public Works has asked SFPUC to provide a date for that work. All other work in Phase I will be completed by January 18, 2016.

Phase II –security fencing under the bridge

Phase II of the project will include installing fencing to enclose the east and west bridge abutments for security. The design is based, in part, on concerns raised by neighbors about debris buildup under the bridge and easy access to the site. We believe the “ClearVu” security fencing will provide the most attractive and durable safety enhancement to the Highland Avenue Bridge. It will be nearly invisible to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists on northbound and southbound on San Jose Avenue. The ClearVu high-density security fencing is made of high-tensile mesh with openings too narrow for finger-holds and foot-holds, preventing climbing or cutting with standard tools, bolt-cutters, etc.

The scope of work and final design work will be determined by January 18, 2016. Fencing construction and installation will be completed by March 31, 2016.

Grace L. Moore

Public Affairs Officer

Office of Communications & Public Affairs

San Francisco Public Works

City and County of San Francisco

30 Van Ness Avenue, 5th Fl

San Francisco, CA 94102

Ph (415) 558-5282 Fx (415) 522-7723

sfpublicworks.org · twitter.com/sfpublicworks




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