San Jose Avenue pilot project update

SFMTA has uploaded its final analysis of the Northbound San Jose Avenue Road Diet pilot plan, which began in June, 2014, when the agency reduced the three-lane road to two lanes to slow traffic and increase safety. (A second phase merged the two-lane offramp to one lane under the underpass.)

You can see it here:

The agency and the Glen Park Association are co-hosting an open house followed by a Q&A for feedback from anyone interested in the changes on Tuesday, Jan. 19, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Glen Park Elementary School, 151 Lippard Street. According to SFMTA, Caltrans and staff from nearby initiatives will also attend.



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6 responses to “San Jose Avenue pilot project update

  1. Basically its good these traffic routes are being studied, modified, improved. Rosseau is especially problematic. How does explain to a first time visitor how to make this unexpected turn into a bunch of new houses to get into Glen Park?
    Also, you need many more 3-d graphics, videos to show the public how the proposed changes are going to work, rather than a bunch of words, charts devised my engineers & planners. Nobody is going to understand these or care. Think visually!

    John Rohosky, Architect & 45 year resident of Glen Park.

  2. Leon

    In my opinion, the recommendations here are overlooking that this pilot project was a FAILURE. The 280 exit, is a freeway exit, not a city street, like SFMTA tried to call it. But that aside, look at some of the points in it:

    “…..increased cut through traffic on the side streets off San Jose Ave”
    When you reduced the ability for people to get through an area without sitting in traffic, then people will look for other ways around. I don’t go this way anymore, its too much of a hassle.

    “…reduced traffic volume”
    Again, duh. See above.

    “…Awkwardness of the short merge” in the tunnel.
    You think!? Look at the white plastic posts they put in there, half of them have been run over. Unrealistic more than awkward. They should have put in microphones in the tunnel also. When at my mom’s house near by, I would here people slamming on their brakes all the time. Ridiculous.

    “….backups onto the freeway mainline during portions of the peak.”
    So an increase in dangerous driving conditions along N280 for the general public.
    Well done SFMTA.

    What a waste of time and money.
    There was nothing wrong with this exit and thruway to Randall Street. In my opinion, all that was need was:
    • A raised barrier and paint for a bike lane. I agree with that.
    • Make the Randall light longer.
    and, the BIG ONE:
    • Bumps and traffic calming for the cars merging FROM Monterey Blvd. THAT was the REAL problem here. Unbelievable.


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  4. Leon

    One more thing. If you’re getting off the freeway 280 at San Jose Avenue you shouldn’t be allowed to make a right turn onto Rousseau. Too dangerous, that’s obvious. That should only be allowed for the folks coming from Monterey Boulevard.

  5. Jon

    Leon –

    While I agree with the majority of your comments, I must disagree regarding your contention that the right turn onto Rousseau from the 280 exit ramp should be disallowed.

    It’s no more dangerous than anything else really, and I have been using this right turn for 15+ years to get to my workplace in the City…it’s vital to my and probably to a lot of other folks’ commute into SF.

    The now-daily morning backups at the exit ramp caused by the merge since the change are definitely annoying, but not as bad as I had thought they would be. Still, I have to wonder if this change was really needed given how little this stretch is used by bicycles and pedestrians, particularly the latter, even to this day.

    But I’m sure it’s here to stay now…I can only hope that any future changes do not make this stretch even worse for those of us who have to commute to the City for our jobs and to support our families when we realistically have no other options.

    • Leon

      Thanks for the comment.
      I take, less these days, this turn also.
      But feel that I would be ok with going down to St. Mary’s to turn right and make my way to the neighborhood…if it meant that they would keep the exit as it was.
      Reducing speed to make that merge safer was the goal of this pilot, and I think that would achieve it also, while leaving the 280 exit like it was.

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