Brazen taggers in Glen Park

tagger photo

A tagger who had just drawn graffiti on a newspaper box on Diamond St. in Glen Park, and then taken a photo of it on his iPhone. Dec. 26, 2015. Photo by Kevin Jones.

By Elizabeth Weise

How brazen are graffiti taggers in San Francisco?

More than you could possibly imagine, found Glen Park resident Kevin Jones.

On Saturday, Dec. 26, in broad daylight, Jones was standing in line to use the Bank of American ATM across the street from Canyon market on Diamond St.

As he describes it, a man in his 20s or 30s walked up, pulled out a marker and despoiled a newspaper box right in front of where he was standing with graffiti.

Then, the guy “stood back and took a picture of his work with his iPhone,” Jones said.


The graffiti of the man pictured above. Photo by Kevin Jones.

The tagger seemed unconcerned when Jones pulled out his camera and in turn took a photo of him.

Next, the man walked over to the Canyon Market’s outdoor seating area and sat in a chair and stared across the street, admiring his handiwork.

“I grabbed another shot and told him I got him,” Jones said. He has since turned the photos over to the San Francisco Police.

Perhaps there’s another explanation for this. Perhaps the man who tagged the newspaper box owns it (okay, unlikely.) Perhaps he doesn’t know it’s illegal to tag other people’s property. Perhaps he doesn’t know that people don’t care to look at graffiti-covered public infrastructure.

If caught, he could face expensive clean up charges. The San Francisco’s city attorney’s office has asked the courts to let the City sue taggers for damages to cover graffiti cleanup.

You can read about it in the SF Chronicle, here.




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5 responses to “Brazen taggers in Glen Park

  1. Craig

    We have better things for the PD to do than fuss over despoiled newspaper bins.

  2. Elizabeth Weise

    Call the cops. They can now fine him big money.

  3. Sarah

    My husband is super active in cleaning up the Sunnyside and GP (anywhere we go) hood where property has been defaced (any graffiti) he reports incidents by uploading pictures into the SF311 App for cleanup….and it gets fixed…but it’s endless over and over again!

  4. Adam

    I’m pretty sure this guy is the only reason we have graffiti in Glen Park. All the tags are the same as that newspaper bin.

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