Highland Street Bridge Re-opens


Dear Residents

 Over this past weekend, the City’s contractor, MH Construction Management Company, successfully completed the removal of the protective scaffolding and the debris net from the Highland Avenue Bridge that was put in place for the important infrastructure improvement and safety project. As planned, the Highland Avenue Bridge was re-opened today for vehicular; pedestrian and bicycle access.  On behalf of San Francisco Public Works, I want to thank you for your patience.  We also want to thank Matt Huey and the construction team for their hard work, diligence  and professionalism throughout the past few months.  The entire project team worked together to make today’s re-opening a big success.


We anticipate the remaining phase of work will be completed by December 31, 2015.  The remaining work includes:

1.    Power wash and mobile sweep bridge deck/sidewalk (completed)

2.    Remove temporarily staged construction debris netting from San Jose Avenue

3.   Complete traffic railing construction on the Arlington Street side of the bridge

4.   Complete electrical upgrades work to include:  install J’Box; install primary pull-box; conduit tie-in and conductor pull

        5.   Install new street light poles; luminaries and arms; on bridge; on perimeter street (San Francisco Public Utilities Commission will perform)

        6.    Contractor demobilization

Again, we appreciate your patience and support as we work together to improve San Francisco.

Best regards,

Grace Moore


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One response to “Highland Street Bridge Re-opens

  1. Anonymous

    The bridge railings look great , restoted to their former glory, thank you for our beautiful bridge.

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