GP Greenway Workshop #2 materials available for comment PLEASE REVIEW

In case you were unable to come to the second Greenway Concept Planning Workshop in September, the materials provided at the Workshop are now available for you at the Glen Park Greenway website. There are plan concepts, cross sections and general ideas for how the Glen Park neighborhood may wish to use different areas of the Greenway over time. Please go to the website, review the materials and add your comments using the online comment form.

If you download the files you’ll find that they are large in size, and download times vary greatly depending on your computer, browser and Internet connection speed. If you have any difficulty viewing or downloading them, please let us know at We’ll find a way to get them to you.

The Landscape Architects at Surfacedesign are working on their recommendation now, so please send your comments soon.

We hope that you’ll be able to come to Workshop #3 on November 19 when we’ll consider Surfacedesign’s final proposed concept plan. We’ll send more information about this soon.


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One response to “GP Greenway Workshop #2 materials available for comment PLEASE REVIEW

  1. Denise

    I heard the landscape architect ask which plan we like better. I prefer not having an upper trail. Too much to manage. We’d be lucky to maintain just the main trail. In addition, we should minimize human impacts on the land while maximizing benefits to the environment-IMO.

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