Diamond/Bosworth intersection update

Members of the GPA Transportation Committee met with representatives from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency at the redesigned Diamond and Bosworth intersection on October 22.

The SFMTA acknowledged the design was based on an incorrect assumption about turning radii, and they are taking that error into account for other future projects throughout the city. (Click here to read details in the fall 2015 issue of the Glen Park News.)

The agency will finish the intersection work in two phases. Before a mandatory holiday work moratorium from Thanksgiving to after New Year’s Day, they’ve indicated that they will complete the work at the corner in front of the BART station. They will scale back the bulbout (“ease the curb radius,” in engineering parlance), remove the old light pole and the old switch box, and complete the sidewalk paving.

In January, after the moratorium, the agency will scale back the bulbout on the northeast corner (in front of the closed bank) and finish paving. The agency is still deciding where to move the bus shelter on the southwest corner (now in front of Five Star Nail Salon) to disrupt traffic the least.

The crosswalk striping will be added and the new traffic signals be made operational after the moratorium as well.

Concurring with GPA requests, the MTA plans to widen the crosswalks to reflect the changes in curb shapes, and the agency will see if it can combine the two ADA ramps at the southeast corner to improve pedestrian flow. We also asked them to remove as many “Jersey” barriers [orange pedestrian traffic control] as possible as soon as possible.

The project contractor suggested a permanent picket fence in the Bosworth median to control mid-block pedestrian crossing, so that will also be studied.

Supervisor Wiener aide Andres Power was at the GPA Quarterly Meeting that evening and reminded the MTA that the money set aside for this project was meant to fund signal plans improvements/additions at Arlington and Bosworth as well as at Lyell and Bosworth. Power told the MTA they need to find the money to complete the promised work at these intersections too.



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4 responses to “Diamond/Bosworth intersection update

  1. Bronx

    How on earth could they have a mistake that egregious? It’s absurd that no one caught it …

  2. Heather World

    Even more frustrating, GPA members brought it up during the design phase. That part is in the newspaper article.

  3. Who are these designers & engineers & where did they get their education anyway? It must have been via mail order degree programs. Given the amount of traffic, buses turning & narrow width of the streets in GP I never did know what they were thinking when the did some of the bulbouts. How could they have “planned” this complete fiasco of a project with no thought given to turning radii other than “assumptions” about those turning radii. I swear SF is the city that know how to never do things correctly. Between the idiotic nonsense with having to redo the tennis courts due to poor design & the MTA works that have gone on for over a year now the projects in GP are all beginning to sound like a certain bridge project that will never be right either. Arrrggghhhh!

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