Diamond/Bosworth intersection update

If you’ve read the latest issue of the Glen Park News, you know that SFMTA has realized the southeast corner of the Diamond and Bosworth intersection has a major design flaw and must be redesigned, dug up and rebuilt.

“We are cutting back the east median and increasing the radius of the southeast corner in order to better accommodate bus turns,” said Damon Curtis, the project manager.

Last week constructions crews began excavating the corner to see what (if any) sewer work will need to be revised.

SFMTA is waiting for the fire department to approve the final design. Then the real excavation and rebuilding begins. Kelley McCoy, the public information officer for the project, said the agency cannot estimate when the project will be done until the re-design is given final approval.

“The contractors plan to do as much work concurrently as is possible to expedite the completion,” she said.

She wrote:
“This is the remaining work to be done, in this order:

1. Revisions to the southeast/BART corner- remove portion of the corner, repaved and re-brick sidewalk
2. Switchover the traffic system to new poles and traffic signals; remove old traffic poles and signals; remove old electrical box
3. Complete access areas- fill in unpaved sidewalk areas, install missing ADA ramps, pave underground electrical access areas”

A member of the GPA Transportation Committee has also asked SFMTA to consider:
A. how close the newly positioned ADA ramps will be to the BART “fence” (and will it impede pedestrian circulation)
B. can two ADA ramps be made into one to save space
C. can any of the many utility poles, street sign poles and ADA street light control posts be eliminated or doubled up, given the tight space that must accommodate many pedestrians.


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