Diamond/Bosworth update

The GPA Transportation Committee asked Kelley McCoy, Public Relations Officer for SFMTA, for an update on the Diamond/Bosworth intersection work. Below is her response:

The project is by and large completed. The trees have been planted and our contractors will finish with the smaller plantings. The welcome sign has been installed, and some additional landscaping will be done around the sign. Ric Lopez and I are still working with the fronting businesses on the southwest corner to find a location for a new bus shelter. The only item left to complete is the switchover from the old traffic system to the new. There are currently new poles installed at the intersection with new traffic signal heads covered in tape. We had initially planned to switch over earlier, but due to the changes that will be happening to the southeast (BART) corner, this needs to be put on hold until everything is completed.

In regards to the BART corner— As we had stated before, if we discovered that the changes to the intersection were further affecting the transit, pedestrians, or vehicles, we would address them. After the bulbs were completed, we observed that Muni buses and some larger vehicles were having trouble navigating around the corner (from northbound Diamond onto eastbound Bosworth). Our traffic engineering staff looked into how to correct this issue and came to an agreement that the corner needed to be shaved down and some changes to the median as well for buses turning from southbound Diamond onto eastbound Bosworth. One of our engineers is currently putting together a design plan for the corner. When those details are finalized, I will share that with GPA and the Transportation Committee. I don’t currently have a completion date for this work since we are still working out the details.

This was a mistake on our end and we are working to fix it as soon as possible.


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