Hearing about Parklet in GP

Manhal Jweinat, owner of Higher Grounds Coffee House has applied for a parklet in front of his business on Chenery and Diamond. Someone has contested the application, so there will be a hearing Wednesday, September 30, at 9 a.m. in City Hall, Room 400.

Attend to show your support or opposition. You can also write in comments to Rahul Shah of SF Dept of Public Works:

For more information on the parklet process:

For a nice info-graphic:



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9 responses to “Hearing about Parklet in GP

  1. How fun! I’d love to see a parklet in that location. The ones on Valencia Street and other places throughout the city really seem to create a community feel. The parklets bring people together and give the area a friendly feel. I’m grateful to Higher Grounds for initiating this project.

  2. Carole Deitrich

    do we have info about the basis for this rejection?

  3. It wasn’t rejected. Someone protested the application. I’m not sure we’ll get to see that, but the DPW contact apparently might send more info next week. I just wanted to give folks a heads up asap.


  4. Dumb idea. We are losing parking in front of the gym across the street and the new intersection.

  5. If the proposed parklet is something along the line of the parklets along Valencia St., & in those in other SF neighborhoods, I agree that it is a bad idea. Chenery St is barely wide enough to accommodate a lane of traffic in each direction. A parklet build out would make Chenery even more of a mess, in addition to eliminating even more parking spaces when they are already at a premium in that area.

  6. Anonymous

    it was not someone it was many i heard 7+

  7. Anonymous

    I, too, oppose the parklet, only because we do not need less parking in Glen Park. It is one of the few neighborhoods left in this city where parking is still kinda sorta available (compared to North Beach or Polk Street or Mission). The infamous bike rack that is rarely used already took out one spot, and while the parklet would be used because Higher Ground is a fabulous coffee shop, I don’t want to see a parking spot taken away. I hope Higher Ground can come up with another way to increase their seating if the parklet is rejected because it is a great place.

  8. GP resident

    The loss of yet more parking in our neighborhood will contribute to more congestion and perhaps other adverse consequences, although I appreciate
    Higher Grounds.

  9. Good grief it’s only taking one or two spots-would make the neighborhood feel great to have a parklet there!

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