Support gathering for Paul at Buddies Market on Saturday

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 6.44.05 AM

A note from Eric at Bird & Beckett…

Bring letters for Paul’s landlord!

And bring flowers or cookies or some such for Paul & Jennie Park!

This Saturday (8/15) from 10 a.m. to noon, come by Buddies Market at the corner of Diamond & Chenery in Glen Park to let Paul and Jennie know that you’re in their corner. Or just stop in to see Paul anytime. Saturday morning, we’ll have paper and pens and clipboards if you want to compose a note of support on the spot to be bundled up and sent to their landlord… We suggest just a brief list of three or four reasons you value Buddies, the Parks, or the general concept of having a family run corner store in the neighborhood.

After 13 years in business in the heart of Glen Park, the Parks are facing a rent hike on their storefront that could well make it impossible for them to continue the business. Not long ago they were paying $5,000 a month (already a rent that makes me wince to think of)– though I believe their recent rate has been somewhat higher still.  Now the landlord is holding out for $7,600 (down from an initial demand of $10,000).

Negotiations are ongoing, and Paul and Jennie are hopeful that the landlord will relent and bring the rent increase down to a rate at which they can continue to do business. Time will tell.

Supervisor Wiener has sent the landlord a letter of support, as has Bird & Beckett. But we think several dozen brief pleas from the neighbors would be the most useful thing at this point.

Show your neighborhood spirit! And keep it positive, please!

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