Diamond/Bosworth intersection update

Here’s the latest from SFMTA regarding the work on the Diamond/Bosworth intersection:

Our tentative completion date for the existing work left on the project is mid-September.  As you probably have noticed, there are new traffic lights and poles installed at the intersection. We are waiting for PG&E to assist us switch the traffic light/signal system over from the existing to the new system.  PG&E is scheduled to work this Monday, 8/17. After this is done, our crews can go ahead and remove the old poles and finish paving the corners and open areas. (Some of these areas were kept “open” or unpaved so crews could maintain access to the electrical systems underneath the sidewalk. Other areas, such as the sidewalk corners, couldn’t be completed until the old traffic poles were removed.)

Median plant work is ongoing- we expect this will be completed by the end of August.

Permanent restriping is still being determined.  Before we place permanent striping down, we do a series of checks to make sure the new pavement is even and completed, and our contractors are about to finish those checks.  In the meantime, I’ve asked the contractors to refresh the temporary striping.

The gateway sign was installed last Monday.  We were able to resolve the issue with AT&T and put the sign anchors in the ground.

As for the changes to the southwest/BART corner, our engineering team is still working on those details.  These changes are to address buses turning onto eastbound Bosworth from northbound Diamond.  We have observed that larger vehicles are having trouble making the turn from NB Diamond onto EB Bosworth.  I believe you spoke to John, who is one of our construction inspectors, regarding the removal of part of the median on Bosworth.  This was an idea that was brought up as a possible solution but is not confirmed as something we are doing.  Damon Curtis and his team are still looking into this issue, and when more information becomes available, I will update you about the next steps.  Please note that this work is not factored into the September completion date.

Regarding the planters and long-term care for the plants, I am still looking into this concern and will follow-up with you shortly.

Kelley McCoy

Public Relations Officer

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

1 South Van Ness Avenue, 3rd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94103



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3 responses to “Diamond/Bosworth intersection update

  1. sally cedarblade

    Too bad the city couldn’t finish the Diamond/Bosworth intersection work before school starts. they did have all summer (all year, actually). Disappointing.

  2. Anonymous

    Is it me, or did nothing change in the intersection? It sure looks pretty, but the traffic problem? Yeah, still there!

  3. Anonymous

    The removal of the “transit/pickup lane” is just insane. Incredible.

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